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About Cam

Has more than 25 years Expeditionary Off Road Training and Racing experience. An experienced Camel Trophy Veteran, (1996-2000).

What we OFFER

CAM offers unparalleled training in diverse elements. CAM Essential and CAM Advanced training offers training in expedition travel. CAM Horsemanship was designed for the operator or support element the ability to determine an ulterior means of egress from locations where mechanized mobility is not an option. CAM Jungle Course is designed to give the student the challenges and considerations needed to navigate any type of jungle terrain, as well as vehicle and personal considerations that need to be taken into account while operating in a jungle environment. CAM Winter Travel addresses high altitude winter mobility and safety. CAM AMMO training addresses off road and tactically applied foreign weapons training. CAM offers you the training for adventures all across the world.

CAM Mobility TrainingS

From high desert to jungle, on horsepack or with horsepower, CAM Mobility can take you there.

Wild Trails

Discover a captivating gallery that showcases the awe-inspiring rugged beauty and exhilarating courses of off-road adventures.

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