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CAM Mobility is pleased to offer a basic to advanced Austere Off Road Motorcycle Training Program. It is a 4 day session on the western slope of Colorado and Utah desert!

Students of all abilities will benefit from the expansive off road riding experience the CAM instructors have to offer. Everything from long range desert racing, endures, hair scrabbles, motocross and trail riding, CAM instructors have done it all.

CAM teaches the fundamentals of 2 wheel off road travel to students who need to ride just a couple hours or a multi-day expedition! Instructors will cater to all levels of rider experience giving the students a 2-3 student to 1 instructor ratio, ensuring that all students get as much out of the program as possible.

CAM has motorcycles to suit all riders. From 4 stroke KTMs and Hondas to 2 stroke KTMs and smaller 2 stroke Kawasaki’s. Instructors will cover different motorcycle platforms showing students how to get the most out of and ride the best on each platform! CAM instructors will go as long and as hard as the students are willing.

Program outline:

Day 1: 0800-1730 8.5 hours
  • Discussion of how to choose the right bike for the right job/terrain
  • Riding gear. What works and what doesn’t!
  • Motorcycle maintenance and repairs
  • Fuel calculations
  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Brake maintenance
  • Adjustment of controls and fine tuning bike to rider
  • Fluids
  • Spare parts and what to bring. (tailored to the journey)
  • Setting up your bike for specific terrain
  • Equipment and gear, what to carry to suit your mission needs
  • Tools. What to carry!
  • How to support a motorcycle expedition
  • Navigation platforms on a motorcycle, route selection/GPS

Students will take home a digital in-depth guide on all things covered in the “CAM Austere Off Road Motorcycle Training Course”

Day 2: 0800-1730 8.5 hours
  • Basic riding technique, discussion and bike familiarization
  • Pair rider with motorcycle
  • Momentum and Gravity
  • Transmissions and gear changes
  • Starting, stopping/braking drills
  • Riding styles
  • Balance drills
  • Terrain negotiation
  • Obstacle course
  • Hill climbs / failed hill climbs
  • Water crossings
  • Rocks/technical terrain

Lunch will be on with bikes in local OHV area.

Day 3 AM

Basic riding technique. Covering points from previous day in practical applications.

  • PMCS bikes
  • Riding drills
  • Obstacle course
  • Terrain negotiation discussions
  • Practical riding
  • Desert
  • Single track
  • Mountains
  • Hill Climbs/Decent’s
  • Technical rocks
  • Sand
Day 3 PM
  • Lunch will be packed and brought out on the trail (light load). Students will travel into the Utah high desert and start to experience the differences in terrain. Instructors will take students on a predetermined route covering all skills learned so far while carrying essential kit an adhering to fuel and water tables calculated for the journey.
Day 4: 0800-1730 (aprox)
  • Students will need to plan and execute a multi motorcycle mission covering a specific distance deemed by the instructors based on the students riding ability. All navigation and pre expedition planning will need to be developed and briefed back to the instructors the evening prior.
  • Morning PMCS on bikes and all fuel and water calculations verified by instructors.
  • Students will need to prepare and pack for a +- 8 hour patrol, self supported!
  • Upon returning back to the hotel students will address the needs of the bikes and let instructors know of any potential issues, Sort gear and clean up for an AAR at dinner.
  • Dinner TBD
Day 5

Departure for airport

CAM Mobility TrainingS

From high desert to jungle, on horsepack or with horsepower, CAM Mobility can take you there.

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