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CAM Mobility Advanced Course

This course travels from Las Vegas to Yuma over 5 days. You will learn the fundamentals of expedition travel in a one of a kind environment. CAM will provide all vehicles, equipment, fuel, instructors and related expenses as well as training materials and nightly meals in the field for the entire event. You will be furnished with an electronic textbook of all aspects covered in this training exercise to take home for future reference. Students are responsible for personal gear, personal night optical devices and NODS for the instructors, daily food for their teams, hotel accommodations and travel expenses to Las Vegas and out of Yuma, Arizona. CAM will provide all airport transfers.

Day One
  • Las Vegas to Dumont Dunes- Your convoy departs Las Vegas on a pre-determined route decided by students. Mandatory way points will be given to students the day before each days travel. A route will then be created. Today consists of severely washed out roads where vehicle preservation and proper marshalling will play a major role. Students will take turns leading the convoy while achieving mandatory way-points.
  • Skills strengthened today will consist of:
  • Terrain negotiation
  • Marshaling
  • Communication via hand signals
  • Technical driving
  • Knowledge of vehicle size
  • Vulnerable aspects of the vehicle
  • Evening will bring a winch familiarization class:
  • Equipment
  • Rigging and safety
  • Scenarios
  • Technical winching
Day Two
  • Dumont Dunes to Old Women Mountain-Today you will cover approximately 187 miles. You will spend the morning being introduced to vehicle set up, dune navigation, terrain negotiation, traction aids, driving, and recovery.
  • Evening exercises will be open discussions of:
  • Basic mechanics
  • Vehicle knowledge/walk-around
  • Vehicle tools needed for expedition travel
  • Field repairs with practical scenarios
  • Time repair (tourniquets and bead breaking)
Day Three
  • Old Women Mountain to Vinegar Wash-Today will bring the longest distance traveled in one day. You will travel approximately 248 miles of fairly easy to drive roads. Navigation will play a key role in the teams positioning themselves to one of the two bridge crossings of the Colorado River. Instructors will cover higher speed driving and vehicle handling techniques as well as field repair scenarios.
  • Evening exercise will be field welding. You will learn how to prepare and weld using multiple batteries and jumper cables as well as using a commercial under hood welding system.
Day Four
  • Vinegar Wash to Glamis-You will navigate to the Glamis Sand Dune area, spending the entire day on instruction. Instruction will be given on all aspects of travel and recovery, then the students will navigate the course. You will be camping in the dunes or the surrounding area-weather and wind dictating. Night driving exercises using NODS or white light is a possibility.
  • Dune exercises include:
  • Vehicle setup and loading
  • Sand driving
  • Crossing dunes
  • Momentum and when to back off
  • Terrain negotiation
  • Evaluating before committing
  • Traction aids
  • Local environment
  • Recovery with and without equipment
  • Navigation and following way-points
  • Winches, sand ladders, land anchors
  • Pre-scouting and route selection
  • Go/No Go decisions
  • Safety and efficiency
Day Five
  • Glamis Dunes-Teams will navigate back into the dunes to complete a second loop utilizing everything they have learned using all equipment available. Instructors will only interject if they feel something is unsafe or an incorrect decision is being made. The final objective of the course will be to navigate out of the sand dunes and back to Yuma to the hotel. Once at the hotel you will help unload the vehicles, sorting all gear and re-stowing back in the vehicles. Check in and clean up time happens before attending the After Action Review (AAR) later in the evening. You will depart late that evening or the following day, depending on your travel plans.

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