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Cameron Advanced Mobility and Blackheart International Training have teamed to bring our military and government clients the best austere off-road and tactically applied foreign weapons training available conducted in a long-range mobility/live-fire full mission profile exercise. All tasks in the AMMO (Advanced Mobility / Military Operations) course will be conducted with the utmost emphasis on operational mobility in a tactically as well as environmentally hostile location. Integration of foreign crew-served and individual weapons coupled with live-fire/IED scenarios replicate as nearly as possible the challenges of long-range movements in a semi- or non-permissive operational environment. With current Optempos being so challenging, CAM/BHI present two crucial METL blocks of instruction that will leave operators with an extremely high level of proficiency in both mobility and foreign weapons. In addition, the AMMO course can be tailored to use the most common weapons systems present in any area of operations (AO).

  • Long-Range Mobility/Live-Fire Full Mission Profile Exercises MTT for Non-Standard Weapons Usage– Instructors have had multiple tours as small unit members/leaders in various theaters of conflict, and have developed tactical Stand Operating Procedures (SOPs) from years of operations. Emphasis is on small units utilizing commercial off-road vehicles along with host country forces in the conduct of mounted patrols in austere and hostile environments. BHI Training provides the weapons, ammunition, target packages, instructors and tactical instruction for introducing teams to Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) for off-road maneuver in austere and hostile environments. Scenarios will be developed and customized to allow the students to utilize and perform designated tactics which can be applied to the situational environment.
  • Non-Standard Weapons Application MTT topics cover:
  • Weapons familiarization with considerations for vehicle usage including individual weapons and crew served weapons
  • Tactical movement SOP development
  • Tactical vehicle recovery SOP
  • Resupply – LZ, DZ, or Cache considerations
  • Patrol Base Operations
  • Recon to ascertain obstacles and develop the plan tactically
  • Indigenous forces considerations
  • Down vehicle destruction SOP
  • Minefield/IED considerations
  • Tactical SOP development for tire repair, stuck vehicles, impending obstacles, post ambush, bump plans, PMCS and packing lists, enroute considerations, good/bad/non-drivers
  • Austere Off-Road Driver Training– Cameron Advanced Mobility (CAM) offers more than 50 combined years of military and civilian off-road training and competition experience. CAM’s instructor cadre has first-hand operational experience and competitive off-road race and rally experience in the most remote and harsh environments the globe has to offer. From the Gobi desert to the jungles of Central America, the CAM staff has developed the tool sets and training needed for successful mission accomplishment. CAM has been teaching tactical driving, vehicle recovery, navigation, and field repairs to U.S. Military, Foreign Military, and State Department groups, as well as professional off-road racing teams, for the last 20 years.
  • Austere Off-Road Driver Training topics cover:
  • Multiple vehicle familiarization and walk-arounds
  • Driver and land navigational training
  • Winch training
  • Sand driving
  • Daily mechanical and vehicle training with practical scenarios
  • Vehicle preservation
  • Field Welding
  • NODS driving
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Terrain negotiation

The course will cover over 600 miles of one of the toughest deserts in the world-the Mojave-where students will learn to navigate and negotiate real-world terrain. Students will encounter terrain ranging from rocky, washed out roads where vehicles need to be guided through on foot to challenging route selection decisions over vast desert terrain, river valleys and large sand dunes.

By the end of the course, students will have the confidence and knowledge in identifying, predicting, deciding and executing numerous driving scenarios, efficient terrain negotiation and route selection, as well as diagnosing and repairing potential vehicle issues.

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