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Ken Cameron - Has more than 25 years Expeditionary Off-Road Training and Racing experience. An experienced Camel Trophy Veteran, (1996-2000). In the 1996 Camel Trophy he was 2nd place overall, and accomplished the 1st East-West 4WD Crossing of Borneo. US Camel Trophy Trainer /Evaluator and Land Rover Driving instructor, course architect and designer since 1996. As NORRA Rally Master he is responsible for physically logging over 1300 miles to record and develop the 100+ page NORRA Mexican 1000 Road Book and GPS file. He is also an experienced/certified EMT.

Charles Hendrickson - Charles is a distinguished Master Mechanic and entrepreneur with a robust 30-year track record in high-performance automotive engineering. His career began with a solid foundation in welding and fabrication at Ron Fry Racing where Charles built championship-winning dragster chassis. His passion for performance and precision led him to Arizona Speed & Marine where he tested and tuned performance boats. The knowledge Charles has allowed him to be an Automotive Technical Advisor for The Speed Channel. This all led to Charles becoming the owner-operator of Pro Dyno High Performance, Charles has become synonymous with custom car building and performance modifications that push the boundaries of innovation. Charles also spent his time as a Professional Performance Boat Operator for 15 years with 35 years of sailing and navigation experience. He has continually sought to expand his knowledge and skills, by participating in Bondurant driving courses and continuing to give his boundless knowledge of the automotive industry to Tier 1 soldiers for the US and other NATO Countries for over the past 15 years with CAM Mobility. Charles has even excelled in professional off-road racing with notable achievements including three podium finishes in prestigious events like NORRA, SCORE, and Best in The Desert. Including his six-year involvement with the AHDRA motorcycle racing team which resulted in five championship titles.

Webb Arnold - Webb is a Certified Master Mechanic with thirty years specializing in automotive and diesel motor as well as machinery. His expertise includes being a Certified Machinist, an accomplished Welder, Heavy Equipment Operator, Off-road Architect and Course Designer. His role as an Event Supervisor and his extensive experience in Orienteering & Map training adds to his expertise. Webb showcases his diverse skill set in both on and off-road driving instruction for prestigious brands such as Chrysler, Jeep, and Land Rover, with a nineteen-year tenure with Daimler/Chrysler International. Webb served as a Driving Instructor for U.S, Camp Jeep and Jeep Jamboree, as well as supervising Euro-Camp Jeep off-road activities. Webb competed in the 1991 U.S. Camel Trophy across Tanzania/Burundi. Becoming a U.S. Camel Trophy Team Trainer for six years, homing in his skills in construction, blueprint interpretation, and advanced mathematics. Beyond his technical prowess, Webb has also demonstrated his adaptability and cultural competence by working across numerous countries, from Russia to Puerto Rico, bringing his expertise to a global audience. His commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of his career, making Webb a distinguished figure in the realm of mechanics, instruction, and international training.

Tim Scully - Tim Scully is an accomplished facilitator and professional driving instructor with 15 years of experience in a diverse range of driving disciplines. Tim’s educational background includes an ASE Master Land Rover Certification, as well as an associate degree in automotive technology from Greenville Technical College. He would end up achieving three Professional Rock Crawling Championships and a third-place finish in the Global Trek 2001, representing Land Rover and the USA in an international competition in South Africa. Tim has worked with various manufacturers, where he managed driving events, driver training, and the construction of off-road courses and events. Tim played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of Toyota’s FJ and Toyota Trail Team programs, proving the FJ Cruiser’s off-road capabilities and orchestrating a national tour involving 12 vehicles and staff. Tim started his company SCULLYOFFROAD in 2001, in which he has been contracted by leading vehicle manufacturers like Jaguar, Land Rover NA, Toyota NA, Ford, Can Am-BRP, and Mitsubishi to coordinate events across the US. Responsibilities including facilitation, off-road driving instruction, technical vehicle support, product training, and execution of press events.

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