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Ken Cameron – Has more than 25 years Expeditionary Off-Road Training and Racing experience. An experienced Camel Trophy Veteran, (1996-2000). In the 1996 Camel Trophy he was 2nd place overall, and accomplished the 1st East-West 4WD Crossing of Borneo. US Camel Trophy Trainer /Evaluator and Land Rover Driving instructor, course architect and designer since 1996. As NORRA Rally Master he is responsible for physically logging over 1300 miles to record and develop the 100+ page NORRA Mexican 1000 Road Book and GPS file. He is also an experienced/certified EMT.

Dale Webber Arnold – Has Extensive 30 years in mechanical experience, as well as being an Off Road architect, course designer and instructor for Chrysler, Jeep and Land Rover. He has experience as a competitor in the 1991 US Camel Trophy rally across Tanzania / Burundi. Ha also has 19 years’ experience as a contracted Daimler / Chrysler International consultant with duties such as designing and building courses, 4X4 event supervisor, driving instructor, mechanic, troubleshooter, vehicle recovery and winch instructor.

CAM Mobility TrainingS

From high desert to jungle, on horsepack or with horsepower, CAM Mobility can take you there.

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